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Wildcards in a Javascript dropdown

 Im trying to change some options on a drop down but the dates listed are different based on account.

Like one form is:

Period end: 12/31/2018 Produced: 01/07/2019 Original (Year end)

but another is

Period end: 12/31/2018 Produced: 01/04/2019 Original (Year end)

The period end is always the same but the "produced" will change. I've tried wildcarding it "Produced: 01/*/2019" and with 2 asterisks, neither worked.

I cant use index position either as its different on each.

Any help on how to accomplish this?

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Hello James. As discussed during our calls, wildcards are not allowed in the 'Option Name(s)' field of the 'Set DropDown List Value on Web Page'. A combination of the 'Extract Data from Web Page' action, like described in this article, along with the appropriate Regular Expressions can do the trick.

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