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NEW PROCESSROBOT BUILD - Version: 2018.1.3.3035



Version: 2018.1.3.3035

Checksum ProcessRobot & Client Tools 


Checksum ProcessRobot & Client Tools (MSI)


Checksum WebConsole


Corrections and Improvements: 

  • IronPython Library has been upgraded
  • ProcessRobot used to return errors in the Video Logs on FIPS enabled Windows workstations.
  • Improved concurrent process handling in Solobots.
  • Web Console timestamps corrected to show the correct values.
  • ProcessRobot now supports AWS (ElastiCache) and Azure (AzureCache) Redis connection strings.
  • “Send Email Through Outlook” action can now send emails from shared mailboxes
  • Sending the "@" character in Terminal actions is now possible.
  • Locked Regions corrected to run as expected when running processes through the Process Designer. 
  • Corrected issue with Version Comparison in OS versions other than Windows 10.
  • Scheduler issues corrected upon restart of the ProcessRobot Server.
  • Email Actions now work with servers which do not require authentication.
  • Issues with "Open FTP Connection" action while trying to connect with specific FTP servers have been resolved.

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