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Opening Two Excel Files

I'm trying to open two different Excel files I need to work with. The first file opens fine at the beggining, then the second file opens and when it does, it turns the first file into "Read-Only" mode. I checked the settings and the action is NOT set to open as ReadOnly. Do you have any clues?

Many thanks in advance!

1. There may be a prior process execution that failed before closing excel instance on 2nd file. Check windows task manager and look for still running task of excel.exe and if found then this is the problem with 2nd file. Just end task Excel.exe fron task manager. 2. May be necessary to restart windows, as could be too many procees fails without executing Close Excel Instance Action.

Actually I need both files open because there is a communication between them. That's why Closing the files is out of the question. So, the issue would be to open them both at the same time. So far I fixed it with: One file opening with the "Launch Excel" action and another one with the "Run Application" Action (linking to that particular file). I'm still looking for a more, let's say, elegant solution.

Make sure your using different excelinstance variables for each Launch Excel action. E.g. launch excel (file 1) %excelinstance_1% Launch excel (file 2) E.g. %excelinstance_2%

Hello Nicolas,

The only way we were able to reproduce the issue is when we open an Excel file and then open it again. In this case the second instance of the file opens as "Read Only".

Also, please make sure that before ending the process, you use the action "Close Excel", to close any open instances of Excel files.

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