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ProcessRobot - User Library Actions - Publish to Development and Review Stages of Lifecycle

Need to be able to Publish to Development and Review - Lifecycle Stages. Currently for developers to test a revised user action from their "Development" processes and control desk administrator's to perform a QA System Test from "Review Stage" of a revised User Action it needs to be Published. However, Publishing a User action publishes it to all stages of the lifecycle and thus Production procceses get the revised user action, when the intent is that it mist be first tested f at the "Development" and "Review: Stages of lifecycle, before effecting the Production proceeses. .... Therefore, requesting an enhancement for 2 additional prior publishing stages of: 1. "Publish to Development" only and 2. " Publish to Review" (publish to Dev + Review Stages) ... 3. Publish to Production ( publish to Dev + Review + Production stages) ------ ... Add a - "Discard / Un-Publish"option" to the stages of "Publish to Review" and "Publish to Production" Stages that will "Revert Back" to: A) "Publish to Development Stage only".
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Hello Joseph,

Thank you for your recommendation.


Your request has been forwarded to the appropriate department for evaluation and possible implementation in future versions of our software.

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