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Best Method to Execute Command on Remote System

Hey Guys - 

I frequently use PowerShell, but found WinAutomation this morning when looking for an alternative for specific things and like it so far.  There's one question I have, though; that I cannot find a solid answer for.

My Question:  What would be the best method / action to execute a command on a remote Windows system?

The process I'm currently trying to create monitors folders local to the WinAutomation installation.  Once a new file of a specific extension is added, I need to:

  1. Save it's path to a variable like %detectedpath%
  2. Create a new variable like %uncpath%  where %detectedpath% is converted to a UNC path format
  3. Execute a command on a different Windows system where the command includes %uncpath% as an argument.

I didn't see any actions specifically for remote systems when editing the process so didn't know if there was an accompanying client I could install on the remote system or if I needed to resort to something like PSEXEC.  I have full rights on both systems with one being Windows 10 and the other Windows Server 2016.

P.S.:  Hope this is the right forum for this :)  


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Hello Ben,

Regarding your inquiry, please note that there is no accompanying client you could install on the remote system to run processes (besides of course installing a complete version of WinAutomation).

Using PsExec, would be a solution to what you are trying to achieve, since you can make use of the "Cmd Session" group of actions.

I hope the above makes sense.

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