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Previously there was vast amount of useful information at* but now it’s all gone (check ““ for example). Where can I find all of it except at
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Hello Roman,

Please note that the old community forums have been taken down in an effort to provide a cleaner, more organized and direct experience.

Kindly note that the content of the old community forums has been updated and migrated to our new Support Portal, in the form of articles, forum posts, .waj files etc. All the useful, up-to-date information has been kept, updated and transferred to the Portal's Knowledge Base and Forums.

Also, please consider the fact that much of the content in the old community forums was outdated, inconclusive, or very specific - you can rest assured that all the useful information from the community pages is in the portal. If the information you are looking for is not in the Support Portal, it probably wasn't in the community forums, either.

Furthermore, please keep in mind that any issue not addressed in our Knowledge Base and Forums can be reported by creating a Support Ticket - and, since the Portal is continuously updated and enriched, any cases which can be documented for future users' convenience are swiftly turned into articles and forum posts.

I hope the above makes sense. We are always open to feedback in order to improve our customer experience.

Have a nice day!

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