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<Space> is lost while joining a list to string

I need to get a folder path in variable with current year in it. Let’s say [\\shared\folder for year YYYY\] where YYYY is current year. So I create a list with 3 elements: 1. [\\shared\folder for year ] – mind the 2. [2019] from current date 3. [\] But after joining list to a text variable I get [\\shared\folder for year2019\] without a before 2019. Is it a correct WinAutomation behavior? And if yes, then what is the best way to keep the right symbol of first list element?


Hello Roman,

Please note that you can use the action "Pad Text" to add white space characters in front of some text.

In your case the action would look something like the following.


I hope this makes sense.

Hello George, 

I've found the easier way: just replaced the right space in list item 1 with %" "%

P.S. Looks like there's some problems with topic description formatting (it removes line breaks and everything looking like html tag)

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