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Enable or Disable any/all Assigned Process Triggers from SQLITE DB


The attached process allows WinAutomation (WA) users to enable, or disable, any or all Triggers in their WA Console.  Your machine requires the SQLite3 ODBC driver in order to run this process successfully.  You can download/install the required driver at your own risk from this link SQLite3 Driver

The process maps your %AppData% directory and extracts your current operating WA DB file from the 'ProcessesDatCurrentFilePath.txt' file which is set to the %DataBase% variable.  You will be asked to Select 'YES' to proceed and select disabled triggers to enable, or 'NO' to disable triggers which are enabled.  You may choose any or all triggers you wish to toggle on or off.  If you have multiple triggers assigned to a process, the trigger type will be indicated next to the process name in the subsequent selection window.

A notification window will pop up at the end of the process indicating 'Successful Completion' or 'The list to select from is empty' in the event there are not applicable processes for your selection.

Triggers will appear to be either enabled or disabled in the 'Triggers' tab within WA Console once the process is completed, however you must exit the application from the system tray and relaunch WA for the changes to take effect.

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