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Period symbol "." is replaced by , in the code

Hi,  In email subject I have configured "."  symbol in my WA process but it is replaced by , when email is sent. This happens if I am moving the value to a variable , otherwise it treat  "."  as "." only. 

E.g.  When I am setting 0.3  in Variable %Version%  winautomation convert it to 0,3   Any suggestions? 

If you define %Version% yourself, you will have to write %"0.3"%, or it's gonna convert to numerical format with , as decimal separator.

If the %Version% is pulled from a value somewhere, you will have to use Convert Number to Text, and then Replace Text, to replace , with .

Now it shows "0.3"  If I only want 0.3  what can I do?

It doesn't look like this?

(54.1 KB)

My bad...  It is working

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