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Launch WinAutomation 32bit whe installed on a 64bit system


To allow control of JAVA based applications, the Java bridge must be enable. However the JAVA version installed must be the same bit rate as the WinAutomation you are running.

This also cause that the processes created must run on a machine where also the JAVA Version matches the bit rate of the WinAutomation installed.

The Error message shows as alternative to launche the 32bit version of WinAutomation.Process.exe however I couldn't find it on the installation folder.

Is there a way, or another version should be installed?


I tried very hard with this issue to control Oracle erp.

Winautomation is 64bit.

Oracle ERP(JAVA based) 32bit.

I can not explain it in detail. Manually install the 64-bit Java Access Bridge. (if fail, install to 32bit JAB)

Then extract the Java elements into Uispy.

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Thanks for the reply, however this fixes half of the questions,

This same original question (how to launch WinAutomation 32bits installed on an 64Bits OS ) remains.

Now I'm facing the problem with the SQL connections and the ODBC drivers.

Once the ODBC driver installed is 64bits, I'm able to create the connection, but it throws an error. 

Searching for this SQL error points me that a 32bits ODBC driver should be installed to connect to this database.

Although I've installed the 32bits ODBC driver, now WinAutomation is not detecting the User DSN I've created on a 32-bit platform.

So. Is there a way to launch or force 32bits WinAutomation on a 64bits OS?

I haven't found a solution for the original question but I've found a workaround with the Oracle database connection following this method.


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