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Web Forms

Ability to publish web forms that would consume the data and start a process using those variables. 

Display custom dialog action allows you to create web form.

How would I go about publishing this to a web page for users to use? I thought it would require each user to have a side bot installed just to submit the form.

I see that your using ProcessRobot.

Yes, each user would need a Sidebot installed on their desktop for you to push an attended process to them which in this case would be the custom dialog web form.

If your using processrobot, then I recommend that yoy equip each of your users with a Sidebot, so that you can create a full range of attended automations that your users can interact with, when it is desired for them to execite user assisted attended automations.

If you wish to create a webform that is published on a website url, then I recommend a 3rd party  web site tool "".  They charge a reasonably monthly subscription rate to build a web form on their website for which a url is generated.

However, realize this is an Internet irl outside of your enterprise company's intranet and this might not be allowed by your enterprise company's policy regarding your internal data for your applications.

The best solution is to outfit each enterprise user with a sidebot installed in their desktop or virtual desktop machines.

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