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Run Policy of Robot

Hi, My req is I have to check if any other process is running, if yes, I dont have to start my current process.  

E.g.  Process1 is scheduled to start now. Before starting , it will check if Process2, Process 3 is running, if yes, it will not start. can we configure this in Softomotive?

I have checked Run Policy, it has option for concurrent instance setting for the process, but I didnt found any option to check other processes.

You will need to put the check in process1 and the started'process1 immediatly exit should process1 or process2 be currently running. ... Note in below example you could replace "goto end" with "stop process" action In process1, at top of process1 as 2st actions, add the actions: If process2 is running Go to end If process3 is running Goto End My process1 actions follow here .. .. End

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Thanks for reply

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