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Add the ability to search and replace for a text string in all processes

In WinAutomation, I can "Find Process" the entire process tree for a part of any process' name. In Process Designer, I can also do a text Search through any one process for a named text string. 

I would like the ability to search all of my WinAutomation (WA) robots for a string and possibly do a global replacement. For example, say a server is being retired and I need to find and change a variable to a new server name. If the old server's name is not part of the job name then I have to open say WA 50 jobs ('processes") and search for the retiring server's name. (I would like to see this feature work like Notepad++'s "Find in Files...") 

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Thank you Steven for you feedback.

Please note that we have forwarded your suggestion to the appropriate department to consider implementing it in a later version. 

Note that the usual practice when developing processes, is to keep a minimum number of parameters hard-coded that define the flow of the Process. It is common practice to leave the rest of the parameters stored locally to be used as an input for the Process or passed by a user in case of attended automation. You can store these inputs (like the name of the server) in a file, an environmental variable, a mailbox and much more. Then when the Process if fired, it will retrieve these values and act accordingly, making it much easier to adjust them later for changes like the one you mentioned. 

Hi Emmanuel,

What you explained is exactly what I do in my code. I typically declare all variable settings. What I would like WinAutomation to be able to do, is to do a global search to find where a variable, a value or a text string is used. For example, we are moving some process to a new server, I would like to be able to search and find/replace all occurrences of MyOldServerName in my WinAutomation code. And, since I have many WA processes, I would like to make one search of my WA robots (main and subroutine) to find this string. Today, I have to open each WA robot to Find this text.


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