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Tweak Ping Trigger for At Least Two Trigger Events Before my Warning Process is called

I have around 40 Ping Trigger and Service Monitor Triggers in WinAutomation. I get a lot of false positives, especially on the server pings (probably because of a busy server or a dropped network packets. I'm not sure.) If failure to respond, I would like to have additional options on the WinAutomation trigger to retry, x number of times (say 1-5), x Milliseconds apart and then, if still no server response, fire my named (notification) process.

Today, if I only get one failure, I get pinged and it is almost always a false positive even with my existing 1000 millisecond timeout. If I wait my scheduled 5 minutes between ping attempts and still no response, I'll get the second WinAutomation process notification then I'll know I have a real server problem.    

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Hello Steve.

Thank you for your feedback.

Please note that what you want to achieve is possible with the currently available features of our Software. For example:

-You have the ping trigger to trigger your Process

-You add the 'ping' action at the start of the Process within a Loop for 5 times and check if there is an answer. Then continue your Process or Stop it based on the results. 

I hope the above prove to be helpful.

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