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UnRAR Files - Getting Error

Hey Guys - 

Having an issue that I can't find a solution for.  I have a process which includes the below steps:

Trigger: New File in monitored path

1. Set Variable: Sets %Process% variable for target path of D:\AppCache

2. Move File: Moves %FileTriggerFilePath% into %Process%

3. Get FilePath Part: against %FileTriggerFileName%

4. Create Folder: Creates folder named %FileNameNoExtension%-Temp within %Process" setting the variable %TempFolder% to the newly created path

5. Run DOS Command:

   - Command: unrar.exe x -y "%MovedFiles%" "%TempFolder%"

   - Working Folder: C:\Program Files\WinRAR

6. Write to File: Lists all variables used above for testing including %CommandOutput% from the unrar.exe command

The Issue

Although the process is successful, no files are ever extracted.  When pasting a new test file in the monitored path, it completes the process successfully as it moves the file and creates the temp folder, but that's it.  When checking the file with variables, it states an error when extracting each file within the archive.  The error is "Cannot create filename - The system cannot find the path specified."

Testing Works

Using the text file I create in step #6 above, I verified that the variables:

 - MovedFiles = D:\AppCache\test.rar

 - TempFolder = D:\AppCache\test-Temp

I then executed the below string to test which should be what WinAutomation is executing and it extracted everything as it should:

"C:\Program Files\WinRAR\unrar.exe" x -y "D:\AppCache\test.rar" "D:\AppCache\test-Temp"

What am I missing?  Thanks

I highly recommend you to use 7zip. I've got the same issue and got it working with that specific software. Here it's the download link and a list of Command examples.
Please tell us if it works!


Hi Ben,

Please take a look at this article; essentially, you should be able to get the results you desire by using the CMD actions instead of "Run DOS Command".

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