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Filter Data Table

Enables you to filter a DataTable variable by specifying conditions in the Filter Wizardwindow. The activity can keep or delete rows or columns according to the logical conditions that are specified in the wizard. The body of the activity contains a Filter Wizard button so that you can access the wizard and customize your settings at any time.


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Just starting to use ProcessRobot and was disappointed to discover no filtering for DataTables :(

Please find a way to incorporate filtering soon.

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This is a very useful feature


Hello Supratman, 

Thank you for your feedback.

Please note that your suggestion has been forwarded to the appropriate department to be taken into consideration for future releases.

Sounds great. Where can I find this?

I have 2 excel and want to use names in file 1 to sort and copy lines in file 2. The result I want, is to have a new excel for each name in file 1 with the relevante lines from file 2.

Any comments on how to do that the best way?

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