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Rename Filename Extensions from Upper to Lower Case


In the event that you need to rename file extensions from upper, to lower case, like .JPG to .jpg - import the attached process and give it a try.

Since Windows do not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase in filenames, you will need to change the filename into a temporary name and then change it back to the original name with the lower case extension in the desired case.  The steps this process undertakes are listed below.

File Extension to Lowercase Process Actions:

1.  Display Select Folder Dialog - Allows you to select a folder with files to analyze extensions.

2.  Get Files in Folder - Extracts a list of files in the selected folder to process.

3.  For Each - begins to iterate through each file in the list for further processing if certain conditions are met.

4.  Change Text Case - reads current files extension, and stores a variable with the lowercase version (regardless of current text case).

5.  Conditional If - compares the current filename extension to the variable from previous action, then proceeds to rename if required.

6.  Rename File(s) - Renames the file stored in %CurrentFile% to 'temp' in the same working folder.

7.  Rename File(s) - Renames 'temp' back to the original name, but win a lower case extension.

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