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Download Images from URL Links in Excel


The attached process enables you to download images from URL links in the 'Image Links.xlsx' file.  Column (A) should contain your URL links and the images will be downloaded and saved as the source file name.  The images are downloaded and renamed into a folder of your choice - please find more details about the actions in the process below.

Process Actions:

1.  Display Select File Dialog - opens a selection box to navigate to the file path of your excel file containing links and desired file names.  

2.  Display Select Folder Dialog - opens a selection box prompting users to navigate to the desired storage folder for downloaded files.

3.  Launch Excel - this will open the excel file stored in a variable from step 1.

4.  Get First Free Column/Row from Excel Worksheet  - retrieves first free row in the excel file to be used in the next action.

5.  Read From Excel Worksheet - store information into a data table variable from worksheet cells ranging from A1 to B'%FirstFreeRow-1%'. 

6.  Close Excel - Closes excel instance launched in step 3.

7.  For Each Loop - stores current row of data table extracted from excel into '%CurrentRow%'

8.  Download from Web - file downloaded from URL in '%CurrentRow[0]%' (row A) and titled by name of the file from the source.

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