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How to Disable Nvidia ShadowPlay Background Recording Software with WinAutomation


Hello everyone!  If you’re a PC gamer, Cryptocurrency, or Data miner, (or anyone else with a need for a high-end GPU) - you might have an Nvidia graphics card in your machine, and thus, the ShadowPlay recording features packaged along with them.

ShadowPlay is Nvidia screen recording software, but it can interfere with many of my WinAutomation jobs that use search-for-image actions. Using the attached process will free you from manually disabling/enabling Shadowplay through its GUI in the GeForce Experience app.  You will find this particularly useful since using the ShadowPlay screen recording feature will get in the way of many other applications that use either memory injection into other processes, or try to “view” the screen, which can interfere with some WinAutomation functionality.  

If you would like to avoid ShadowPlay getting in the way of WinAutomation, or any other application, or you simply want to be able to create a keybinded toggle for completely enabling/disabling ShadowPlay - the attached process will satisfy the criteria.

Import the attached file into your console if this is of interest to you.

Thanks to participant Austin for sharing their solution.

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