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Run Process – pass process name as a variable

At the moment to ask one process to run another process you have to choose the process to be run from a dropdown list. It would be very handy to be able to pass the process path\name as a variable.

The use case I have at the moment is that I have an error trapper process which is run in the event main process has an error it cannot recover from. My error trapper works but, if I want to rename my main process, to move it into production for example, I have to manually find and reselect the new process name in the code. This necessitates having two versions of the error trapper, one for testing and one for production, because as far as I know you cannot tell whether it was the live or test main system that triggered the error process.

It would be easier to have a settings section at the top of the code where the mode LIVE or TEST is set and a simple if statement to determine the value of the process-name to be used in the run process command

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Hello Richard,

Thank you for your feedback.

Please note that your suggestion has been forwarded to the appropriate department to be taken into consideration for future releases.

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