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Custom Dialog

Request when asking for a username and password that the password be encrypted

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Hello Raymond, 

Regarding the encryption of variables, please note that in ProcessRobot all variables are encrypted when processed, either when in motion or at rest.

See here for more info.

In case you want to further encrypt specific variables, you can do so within the Process. 

See this sample that encrypts a value given a Key to encrypt/decrypt the given variable.

Regarding the Custom Dialog, please note that when using the 'Password' input field, any given values are invisible when inserted.

I hope the above prove to be helpful.

@Emmanuel: Is it like that i WinAutomation as well?


Hello Rasmus, WA does not have the same Security architecture as it is designed to be controlled by one user in one machine.

See here the Security features and encryption protocols in WA.

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