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Latch onto Controls of Internet Explorer Notification Bar - Download Link


Hello everybody!  The attached process is an example of how to handle controls within the Internet Explorer notification bar.  Please note that although the bar appears to be part of the browser instance, the UI/Windows actions are required to latch onto the controls.

This process was tested on Windows 10 with IE 11.  If you are previous versions of Windows or IE, you might have to retrace some of the controls as the tags may differ.   A breakdown of the actions used is listed below. 

Download Link - with Internet Explorer [11.316.17763.0]:

Action  1.  'Get Special Folder' - locates your local desktop directory and stores it into %SpecialFolder%

Action  2.  'Launch New Internet Explorer' - navigates to Skype download page and stores browser instance into %InternetExplorer%

Action  3.  'Click Link on Webpage' - clicks 'Download Skype for Windows' button on web page.

Action  4.  'Get Window' - identifies IE notification bar after click from previous step and stores window instance into %AutomationWindow%

Action  5.  'Click Element in Window' - clicks the split button of 'Save' in the IE notification bar.

Action  6.  'Click Element in Window' - clicks 'Save as' after split button is pressed 

Action  7.  'Get Window' - identifies Windows 'Save As' window that pops up and stores window instance into %AutomationWindow% 

Action  8.  'Populate Text Field in Window' - populates 'File name' text field with %SpecialFolder%\SkypeSetupFull.exe

Action  9.  'Press Button in Window' - selects 'Save' button 

Action 10.  'Close Web Browser' - closes browser instance  %InternetExplorer% 




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Could someone do an example for chrome interaction?

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PowerShell Kommando:

While (!(Test-Path '%USERPROFILE%\Downloads*.pdf' -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue))

endless loop, when the file will be there, it will continue

Get-ChildItem '%USERPROFILE%\Downloads*.pdf' | Select -ExpandProperty FullName |
Copy-Item -Destination '\\Sharefolder\New_name.pdf' -force
Remove-Item '%USERPROFILE%\Downloads*' -recurse

The above PowerShell Command, will wait for Unknown PDF file to show up in the Download folder.

Be aware that the download folder should be empty of PDF files, otherwise i will not work.

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