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Picking the type of variable when manually creating it.

I think a useful feature that could be included for WinAutomation is when you're creating variables manually, that you would be able to pick which type you would need, instead of the variable being assigned the type based on the information that's entered into the created variable.  Such as Text, Numeric, DataRow, List, Table, etc.  

When creating the DataRows, Lists, and Tables, we would also have the ability to designate how many columns and name them as well.  

So far that I've seen in the forums, I don't think this has been brought up yet and I was curious to see what the developers and other users would think about this feature.  If I'm late to the party on this discussion, such as, it's already been thought of and I'm just missing the original discussion, please let me know.

Thank you.

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I'd also like to add that I'm currently using version 7.0, so please let me know if this is already a feature for version 8.0.

Hi Joe,

The variable assignment in WA is dynamic which means that they change type depending on the content (except when in some cases where it needs to be converted like datetime). If you assign a numeric value into a variable and then using "set variable" assign some text it will be converted into text variable. Would you like the datatype to be persistent?

Hi Vasilis,

I'm actually talking about the other datatypes like DataRows, Lists, and Tables.  I'm wondering if it can be added where we can manually create variables with these datatypes instead of having to solely rely on actions to create these for us.

These are special variables which cannot be created using the set variable action, if that is what you mean. For example there is a dedicated action to create Lists(create new list).  The other special variables like datatables are created as a result of a particular action(extract data for example). By manually creating a datatable you are refering to be able to use the "set variable" in order to create one? 

No, I mean when you go to Tools > Variables Manager, then hit Add New Variable and then have the ability to pick a DataTable, List, DataRow, etc, from a list of options.  Manually creating new variables that way, instead of relying on actions to create them.  Then later we could use Set Variable to assign values into these types of variables using coordinates.

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