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Generate QR Codes for URL's


The following process was developed to generate QR Codes from a list of URL's in an Excel sheet.

Import the process and place the 'QR Codes.xlsx' file into any new, or existing folder of your choice.  A pop-up window will appear asking you to 'Select the QR Excel File to Process' - where you should navigate to the folder that the file was placed.  Each QR code generated throughout the process will be saved into the same folder and titled by the website column for each row.  Column C of the Excel sheet will be updated with the file path for each QR code generated.

You will need to download the following application in order to run this process - QR Code Generator App (please do so at your own risk).  If you choose not to install the application onto C:\Program Files (x86), please modify the 'Set Variable' action on line 2 of the 'Main' function so that it points to the installation location of the qrcodegui.exe

Feel free to modify the process or excel spreadsheet to accommodate the creation of QR Codes for other use cases as required.

This process was developed using Windows 10.

(9.39 KB)
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