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Ability to set daily time range for when queues will be worked by bots

I need for bots to only work items in a queue over a certain window of time each day (e.g. items in a queue are only worked from 1:00AM - 4:00AM every day).  

This is a critical need.

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To expand upon this need, the process interacts with external website that I do not control and this external website goes down between 1:00AM-2:00AM daily.  At process level, I can have the process end if the current time is inside this range, but the item will be lost from the queue.

Even adding in this ability in the Scheduler would help, as I could stop the scheduler a couple of hours before 1:00AM, to ensure that the queue is emptied before the site goes down at 1:00AM.

Would a solution be to have the Item (re)added to the Queue before the process stops?

This would meet the need, but it is not ideal.  

Karl, Is your queue set to automatic distribution or manual where process is scheduled to start at a specific time and read the queue ?

Joseph, it is set for automatic distribution. 

If you were to re-add to tge auto distribution queue it would kickoff thr reading queue process again , I would say you would need to add to a 2nd holding queue with auto distribution Off and then transfer to the auto dist queue the next day with a scheduled process. I vote for your enhance feature request to have time range for queue processing.

Hello Karl. Please note that your feature request has been forwarded to the appropriate department to be taken under consideration for future releases. Currently, you can consider implementing in the beginning of your Queue Item processing Process a function that will do more or less:

-Set a default text type time variable (the time that you want the queue item to start)

-Get current Time

-Subtract Dates 

-Conditionals (check if the process is in an unwanted range of the default value)

-If yes: use wait action (for example as many seconds as in the 'subtract dates')

-If no: continue normally

This way the Queue item will be in 'processing' state until it's ready to go to the next action.

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