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for ProcessRobot and WinAutomation

WinAutomation is publicly available!


Improvements and Corrections:

  • Adjusted width size in the Custom Dialog designed to show all required information.
  • "Open FTP" Action used to throw an error when used with Autologin.
  • All actions within a Switch, now require to be within a Case as well.
  • Backup of the database can now be performed for any database size.
  • Improved performance of UI/Desktop actions.
  • Improved performance of Web Automation actions.
  • Send Email action, now works with accounts that do not require authentication.
  • "Merge PDF Files" action now supports password protected files.
  • WinAutomation now supports File monitoring Trigger for network folders for logged out users.
  • "Zip File" and "Unzip File" actions now support the use of password protected files.
  • Improved comparison of variables according to their datatypes.
  • Send Email through Outlook action now supports sending emails from shared mailboxes.
  • Improved location of objects using image recognition actions.
  • "Invoke Web Service" action now includes the HTTP Patch method.
  • Fix on control’s extraction from the Automation Browser.
  • Ability to extract text through digitally signed PDF documents.
  • Exporting the Logs from the WinAutomation Console, now includes the additional details as well.
  • "Synchronize FTP" Action now takes the "Transfer Type" settings in the WinAutomation Console Options Tab into consideration before the transfer.

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