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Enhancements to the dashboard designer/viewer

  1. The ability to export/import dashboard files, and
    delete, clone and rename dashboards in the dashboard designer, would be a great enhancement to the dashboard designer.
  2. As well as the ability to organize dashboards in a folder structure, move dashboards up and down, to get a better overview of ones dashboards in the dashboard designer.
  3. A search field in the dashboard viewer open dashboard dialogue, with the ability to search dashboards. Much needed functionality especially as the list of dashboards grow.
  4. The ability to set how often the dashboard has to update in both the dashboard designer and dashboard viewer, instead of the ~10 seconds.
  5. Lastly if dashboards could be viewed in a browser (Just like web console((localhost:port or url)), instead of in dashboard viewer, then dashboard viewer could be spread to a wider range of stakeholders - Of course depending on licensing for such a feature. Perhaps access to such a feature could be AD controlled. Preferred licensing = free of charge, please.

    Thanks in advance.


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Hello Mustafa.

Thank you for your suggestions. Please note we have forwarded them to the appropriate department and they will be taken into consideration for future releases of ProcessRobot.

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