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Slow data extract

I have a data extract on a website that is moving very slow. I have it running on a 10 core virtual machine w 50gb ram and Im expecting it to operate in milisecs. The extract takes a little more than a second. My internet connection isnt the problem. Any ideas on what to do to speed it up? Thx

Maybe your Webserver is slow to send datas .... Reaction, bandwith .....

If you need a speedier extraction you should use proxies and multithreading. You can achieve this in WinAutomation but its not straightforward.

For the proxies use you can get a service:

and for multithreading you can start adapting this:

combine both and you are done.

be careful not starting a strong scraping, probably you should be fine waiting some reasonable time.

PD: use google translate on that links

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