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Version Control in WinAutomation

Hi, Is there any way I can maintain version control in WinAutomation? Currently I have to take back up and store old code locally. 


Hello, Please note that since WinAutomation is a desktop application with a user-based database, you can administer the version control of a Process by creating a copy within the same Database.

This is pretty easy, you can create a unique folder for back-up Processes or copy-paste in the same folder while appending a number or a date.

Just remember that when you create a copy of a Process, all other process settings are copied (triggers, schedulers, properties) so remember to disable it after archiving it.

Hello, we have very a complex Roboter and need a version control system in order to review current changes and compare with older versions. Otherwise we can't guarantee the robustness of our Roboter.
Is there any way to do this?

Where are at a point, where we consider to change the RPA Tool in order to get more support for a version control system.


Version Control with Comparison is available in our Enterprise solution, ProcessRobot.

The suggestion to be imported in WinAutomation has been forwarded to our Product Department to be taken into consideration for future WinAutomation releases.

Ok.. Thanks for reply. 

So Comparison is available in the Enterprise solution but (currently) not in WinAutomation. So when i have started with WinAutomation and want to have comparisons (and may be other stuff) and want to switch to ProcessRobot: Is there a way to transfer the code from WinAutomation to ProcessRobot? Or would i need to rewrite everything in ProcessRobot?


Winautomation processes can be imported into the ProcessRobot - Enterprise Version and will run without any changes.

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Dear Mukkoti, 

Thank you for contacting us. 

Please note that the specific forum category is not related to your request. 

Kindly consider creating a new support ticket and our team will assist you accordingly. Have in mind that only users with an active SSMP (Software Support and Maintenance Plan) subscription are eligible for our support services. 

Thank you!

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