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Suddenly problems with getting windows etc.


Has anyone experienced this?:

All of the sudden my robots have stopped working (they have run thousands of times without any problems) - it seems that they are no longer able to use the "Window"-actions or if the are, it can take up to several hours to "Get Window" or "Set Window State" (see screenshot) - even if the action is "set to fail after 8 seconds"...

The problem is, that the robots are working fine as before on my collegues' PCs..

The problem is not persistent - but the process only runs maybe 1 out of 10 times without problems...

I have tried to re-install Winautomation.

Any suggestions???

Hi Tom,

As a fellow customer, I would say ....

Three must have been a software change to your machine that was not implemented on your colleagues machines.  

Suggest some detective work like below and if still issue open a support ticket.
If you find the issue, let us all know what the cause was.

Suggestions  ....

1.  Try Re-booting your machine

2.  Perhaps, you Windows was upgraded  Win 7 to Win 10,  Server 2012 to 2016, etc
     Or, your machine received a windows service pack upgrade and not the other machines
     .... Major operating system changes will most likely requires recapturing of windows actions - UI selectors.

3.  Anti-virus - real time monitoring causing an issue ?

4.  You installed another system tray - application that is causing a conflict.

I also encountered the same problem

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