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Code editing window can remember location

Hello, my laptop screen resolution is 1366 * 768, I often editing code use the VBS action windwo, run powershell action

window, I have encountered the following three problems (There is a video operation demo in the attachment, please download

and watch it. )


1. The editing window of the VBS code, although the size of the window can be memorized, but the position of the window

cannot be memorized, and the title bar of the window needs to be dragged each time.


2. After closing the process designer and then re-opening, the VBS code editor's window resets the original size.


3. Run the powershell action...etc. There are many action windows that have similar problems.


I hope that the developer can verify the above problem and improve it in a future release, thanks in advance.

(4.21 MB)

Hi Abbyy,

Thanks for the recommendation!

Your request has been forwarded to the relevant department for evaluation.

You can use to keep the dialogs on your desired place. It's good software.

Just grab the desired action dialog and edit position and size, you can force it to stay at x,y position and remember the last size of each individual action dialog.

(19.3 KB)

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