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Write from web to Excel


Sorry for my English if there are mistakes.

My project is to track some delivery numbers from my database.

I export tracking numbers from x date to x date in an Excel file ( Column A ).

I launch my browser and I've just to fill an input text with these numbers. Until there, no problem.

What I would like is to write date of departure and arrive in column B and column C.

Winautomation read my Excel file, fill the input text but I don't know how to write back to Excel.

Can somebody help me ?

Best regards

Hi Calimero,

In order to get that data onto your spreadsheet, you will need to extract the text of the departure and arrival from the site, there should be an action in the Web Automation folder.  Those will then be stored into variables.  Then those variables can be used to be written to your spreadsheet with parameters for columns B and C using a separate action in the Excel folder for each column.  Also, I, personally, use a counter variable when I'm going through rows in a spreadsheet and that is used in the parameters for where the data needs to be written.  Not sure if that's what you're using already but it could help if you need it.  I hope this information helps you.

Hi Joe,

So, I tried during several hours.

I tried with 3 tracking numers, the problem is that 1st, 2nd and 3rd date are on the same cell and not in the good one. I join some pictures.

Do you know what would be wrong ?

Excel2 is what I would like to have.


(24.4 KB)
(76.2 KB)
(76.1 KB)
(20.3 KB)

Hi Calimero,

For your %FirstFreeRow% variable, from what I can assume and what I can see in your screenshots, you'll only be writing the data in the first row that has no data at all.

I would use a counter for the row numbers, you would then use a loop to read the data from the website and write to the excel sheet.  Each iteration would handle one row at a time, and at the end of each iteration the row counter would go up by 1.  This row counter would be used where you have your %FirstFreeRow% variable.  

For example, in the first iteration of the row number, it would be "2" (since that is the first row that holds data).  Your process would read the data from the website and then write it to B2 and C2, then after they are written, the process would increase the row number to "3".  Then the loop would start again, this time getting the data from the site then writing to B3 and C3, then increase the row count by 1 to "4", etc.

Hi Joe,

Thank you very much. It works now. I'm really happy and I have a lot of idea now to make a better job.

Thanks again for your help.

Best regards

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