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Delete all breakpoints, expand or collapse all regions

In implementation, sometimes  I need to delete all breakpoints, expand or collapse all regions, There are no related commands available now.

I suggest adding a context menu, in the gray area, when the right mouse button is pressed, a menu will pop up, as shown below

This will be very convenient, I hope that developers can consider adding this feature. Thanks in advance


(89.1 KB)

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As a matter of fact, further down in the features thread my request for Delete All Breakpoints became status Planned. But, my request to Collapse All Regions was put in status Deferred.

thank you for your reply,

Use the + sign on the number keys to expand the selected region, but not all selected regions

Almost all RPA software has these features, I very hope to add them.thanks


Hello Abby,

Thanks for the feedback.

Please note that we have forwarded your suggestion to the appropriate department and it will be evaluated.

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