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Interprocess Communication

Hello Folks,

I am sharing snip of action I am using. I am calling one process from some other process. I want to get an output of that process into calling process.

Is it possible in WinAutomation? Kindly suggest me solution.

Thanks in advance.

Best Answer


In the Child Process, you need to actually accessing and update  the dos environment create in the Main Process.  ( As child process as its own separate dos environment space

1)  So, In the Parent process:

We will past the Name of the Environment Variable in the Child Process from an Ext:variable reference to a variable in the Main Process, so that we do not need to hard code the environment variable name (from the main process) in the child process


2)   So, In the Child process your actually accessing the dos environment variables of your main process - dos environment, so you need to do it like this:

In Child Process:



Since, in winautomation you can only pass ext variables from parent pricessto child process, but can *not*return/pass ext variables from child process to parent process:

The alternative is to pass your basic data through a database table (ms sql server, ms access, etc) or even in a text file (key=value; e.g.  account=12345). With Text file you can code use regex to extract the value.

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