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Robot fails to assume control in Chrome on Windows 10

Sometimes, the robots fail to assume control of Chrome. Before anyone is asking me, the add on IS installed. So, sometimes it goes through, sometimes it gets stuck. I would like to know if there is any tip on how to avoid this problem.

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I opened a ticket with the developers and showed them this exact error and how to reproduce it. All they told me was "Its a hardware issue" because my CPU would max when opening a new Chrome.

The best way I've found as a work around is to run a Dos command that "Taskkill /IM chrome.exe /F" then when opening a new chrome window Use an "If window contains X button" then "Press X button" to get rid of the pop up asking if you would like to restore.

Hope this helps, sorry I couldnt help more but that's what I was told.


Hi Nicolas,

I seem to have the same problem too.

I set the exception handlings to repeat the "Launch Chrome" action and before repeating I run a function which I made only to close this failed browser.

Unfortunately sometimes this function also fails so I end up having multiple browsers opened in the back. 

If you have solved your problem would you please share it.

If not how do you deal with it?

The DOS command I posted will close all instances of open chrome

Hello Nicolas and Masami,

I've faced a very similar issue. In my case, the problem was the timing. More specifically, the command "taskkill" or the "terminate process". Those commands end up shutting down two "services" that WinAutomation uses to communicate with the browser (attachment WA_Chrome.png).


The attached waj is a self-healing (or auto remediation) code. It will detect whether those two services are up and running or not through the wmic command (attachment wmic_servicesCheck.png)

In case they are already running, it will do nothing and you can get the control from the Chrome browser normally.

If the service(s) is/are not running, then it will restart the browser until the services are running.


In order to work properly, you have to put it before you do the "Launch New Chrome" action.

You'll also need to configure Chrome to set "Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed" to on, otherwise you'll need to customize the attached code. The idea here is to just restart the browser to load those services and then close the browser. If you do not have this setup, as of the browser closes you'll also shut down those services (which is not the desired behavior).

I hope it helps.


Thiago K. Uehara

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