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Retrieve the version number of the software from the CSV file

This example can retrieve the version of the software from a CSV file.

Mainly used actions:

Read from csv file

Retrieve datatable column into list


I would like to know how to create data table variables directly.


Also, is there an easier way to achieve the same functionality?


Any suggestions are welcome, thanks in advance


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1.  No direct way to create your own datatable variables, it has been requested by many.
     .... However, that said there is a workaround for creating your datatable variables, just create a temporary csv file with X rows of X empty columns (just x number of commas for the x number of columns you wish to create  and read into csv table and presto datatable variable created.

2.  Another alternative   ....  roughly ...

Read Text File action (read csv file) as "list file" option into %ListVar%

For Each  %current_item% of %Listvar%

Split Text %current_Item% delimited by comma into %SoftwareList%
If %SoftwareList[0]% contains  abcsoftware

     Display %SoftwareList[1]%

End If
End Loop

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Regarding the second point, it is a good idea to better understand

Thank you for your help!




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