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Hovering on a menu in IE window

I'm creating an automation of a web page where I have to move the mouse to a location containing a menu, then wait (hover the mouse) and then the menu will drop down. I had an automation working with this - but we've upgraded from WinAutomation 6 to WinAutomation 8, and at the same time, moved over to a virtual machine rather than a physical one. Now my "hover" won't drop down the menu. The mouse moves to the exact spot on the screen that it should, but the menu never drops down. If I move the mouse manually it works fine. I've tried moving to the location with different speeds and also "instantly" but none of those work. If I send a mouse click, it is clicking in the correct spot (but I can't do that for my automation as clicking and hovering have different outcomes in the web application). Does anyone have any ideas why this might have broke and what I can do to fix it? Thank you.

Any chance different versions of IE between physical machine and virtual machine ? Any chance website revised their site between switch of machines? Try fine-tuning css.

They are both IE 11 but I guess they could have minor different updates or service packs applied.

Website did not change.

My same logic works fine with Chrome. Just not IE anymore.

On the new Virtual machine's IE
- did you remember to go to security tabs of IE and UN-check  "Protected Mode" for IE ?
- If a Window Server - did you remember to also Disable IEES (enhanced security mode) from Server Manager

Yes, I went to the security tab of IE and unchecked the protected mode settings.

It is Windows 10, so its not a server.

By the way, I am using UltraVNC to access the virtual machine - not sure if this would have any bearing on it. But I was also using UltraVNC to access the physical machine where it worked, too.

I found out that the physical machine was running Windows 7 but the virtual machine is running Windows 10. That is the biggest difference between the two and I'm wondering if it could account for the change in operation?

I suggest you open a support ticket with the softomotive support team.

Dear Robert!!

Thank you for getting in contact with us. 

We strongly suggest that you consider creating a new support ticket for the error you have received in debug mode and our team will assist you accordingly.

Have in mind that only users with an active SAP(Software Assurance Plan) subscription are eligible for our support services. 

Thank you and best regards!