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Suggestion - Moving mouse

Don't know if this has been suggested yet...

For functions that move the mouse, I'd like to see an option to:

   * Move directly to location

   * Move horizontal, then vertical

   * Move vertical, then horizonal

This would be useful when moving the mouse over items on web pages that drop down when the mouse moves over them. Sometimes moving directly (diagonal) from one location to another will make the pop-up items inadvertently change and I need to move vertically first, then horizontal, or horizontally first, then vertical.

Thank you.

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Hello Robert.

Thank you for contacting us.

Regarding your inquiry, kindly note that this is already achievable:

-Through the 'get mouse Position' you can get the current Co-ordinates of the mouse and store them as variables

-You can extract the similarly co-ordinates of images or elements using the appropriate actions as variables

-Then by comparing them, you can use the 'move mouse' action to make the first move (either horizontal or vertical) and then another 'move mouse' to reach your final destination.

I hope the above prove to be helpful.

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