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Count PDF Pages for all PDF's in a Folder


Hello Automation Enthusiasts,

The attached process allows you to target a folder, then count the pages for each PDF and store them into a data table for further processing.  The process is a modified version of Split multiple PDF files into one-page files which Vasilis Apostologlou developed.  

This is the beginning of a process that was developed so that a user can count pages from a batch of PDF's, then search for a certain variable and extract all pages except for the last one into a new PDF file.  In this example I simply added a popup window once all PDF files have been counted, which displays the file path and page count.  You can modify and add actions as required to suit your use case.

Test this out by downloading the .waj file and importing the process into your automation console.  The first action will ask you to navigate to a file folder that contains PDF's and the process will continue thereafter.

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