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Monitoring Folders

I was looking for triggering a process when a new folder is moved / created / deleted / content changed, … similar to file monitoring.

I understand, this feature is not available.

Would it be possible to add it?



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Thank you Alan for your feedback. 

We have forwarded your suggestion to the Product Department to be taken into consideration for future releases.

@Emmanuel Tsitsiridis


I think this is a bug, I used the following trigger, but the settings didn't work, I hope the developer can verify and fix it , Thanks in advance



Dear Abbyy, 

Thank you for getting in contact with  us. 

Please note that the specific forum category is not related to your request. 

Hence, we strongly suggest that you consider creating a new support ticket and our team will assist you accordingly. 

Have in mind that only users with an active SAP (Software Assurance Plan) subscription are eligible for our support services. 

Thank you and best regards!

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