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File monitor trigger not working

Hi, I'm trying to use file monitoring trigger in one process but is not working, other triggers work just fine.

I tried many combinations like changing files to monitor, renamed, clanged.... but none combination works, is simply is not triggering.

Any idea why?

Winautomation:, Windows 10

I have the same problem. Added simple file trigger "Check for start.txt creation in \\some\network\folder" -- it fired once while I tested it after creation (few days ago), but now it is enabled and not firing on mentioned file creation.

Hi Roman, if you are trying to trigger in a network folder, you can read this:

File trigger in network folders

I'm trying to use the file trigger in a local folder, and it simply is not working


Hi Vick,

Thank you for getting in contact with us. 

We strongly suggest that you consider creating a new support ticket for the error you have received in debug mode and our team will assist you accordingly.

Have in mind that only users with an active SAP(Software Assurance Plan) subscription are eligible for our support services. 

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