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Limit the number of concurrent and queued instances of a process

We need to be able to limit not only the instances of a process that run concurrently, but also the instances of a process that get queued. 

For example, if Process A is scheduled/triggered and Process A is triggered once more, while Process A is already in the Queue/Running mode, it should neither start nor get queued. The same goes off if we have the same case for Process B, C, D etc.

Moreover, the process should pick only one robot from the pool so that it is not started from both (in our case the pool consists of two Solobots).

“- This post was created by the Softomotive Support Team. Thank you Stig Kølbæk for the suggestion!”

Stig, Example 1 - Is achieved currently with right click process, concurrency tab, options: limit to 1 process instance, do not queue option. Example 2 - The process run on a pool will run only on 1 solobot of pool of multiple solobots. - Automatically for scheduled anf triggered proceeses. - To ensure manual starting of a process from control desk also only runs on 1 solobot of a pool, you must set right click process, Execution Tab, set to Robot Pool and specify Pool Name. (Note: If you do not aet this, then manual control desk starting on a Pool will instead run on every Solobot of Pool).
P.S. For example 2, if you mean that process could be triggered to start multiple times, but must only run once on pool on only 1 solobot of pool, then yes, I also feel this'is a very needed feature. That said you can achieve this workaround of coding Lock Region (global/system scope) action in these proceeses and use a Lock Region Name of: ProcessName_PoolName.
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