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Suggestion: Order Process Designer's Action Groups in Alphabetical Order

While I find the WinAutomation Action's groups (folder) structure very well named with individual Actions logically grouped, I'm always looking around for the group (directory) name even when I know the correct group. Please list the Action groups in alphabetical order. For example, Clipboard, Compression, Conditionals, ... WinAutomation Actions, XML Actions.

The groupings in the Action directories, while not in alphabetical order, seem logically laid out and don't need to be changed. For example, in Excel actions, the first Action is Launch Excel.

Today in Actions, the Group's name in the current last 5 current groups end in the word Actions, such as Text Actions or XML Actions - but none of the other group names contain the word Actions. I would recommend dropping the suffix word "Actions" from all 5 Action groups, except for WinAutomation Actions. (No doubt WinAutomation would get way too many hits when searching the WinAutomation Help documentation for the "WinAutomation" keyword.)   

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Thank you Steven for your feedback.


Please note that your suggestions will be taken into consideration for future releases of WinAutomation.

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