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Notification Popup Management per Process

I have an increasing number of processes that now overlap in terms of their run-time and feel that the current notification (stacking upward from bottom right) is inadequate for the overall quality and function of WinAutomation in all other areas.

Notifications are 'stacked' therefore I cant see the information/ progress of a large number my jobs when running all at once, defeating the object of having a notification at all.

Please can you discuss internally the following options:
  1. The ability to minimize notification panels into perhaps a task-bar or system tray feature.
  2. Consolidated view of multiple jobs that I can flick between when required.
  3. The ability to reactivate a notification if closed.
  4. The ability to suppress a robots run notification entirely, for those jobs that are run on a reoccurring basis and I have no interest in seeing any form of notification appear on screen. (every 3 mins in my case) 
  5. Expandable notification where a large amount of information is being presented taking up a lot of screen space.

I've been using the product for a long time and this area certainly needs more thought and development. 

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Shane Williams for the suggestion!”

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With V9 and the ability to run multiple concurrent processes, this is now require even more than ever before.  I can sometimes have 15 processes running at the same time and can only see the notifications relating to x3 of them.

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