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hi, is there an equivalent of not like in sql in softomotive. I know LIke is working not sure if there is NOT LIKE. thanks

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Hey Em, 

All SQL queries supported by SQL generally, are supported by WinAutomation as well. 


can you give me the right syntax for that Im having an error. this is my sql 

SELECT [%worksheet%].[Customer], [%worksheet%].[Rep] , [Sheet1$].[Location] as "%loc%" from [%worksheet%] inner join [Sheet1$] on [%worksheet%].[Customer] 

NOT LIKE '\%%loc%'

I dont know how will I add the wildchar in the column so I used a variable to get first the column value

with is the loc variable


Hi Em,

We can add wild characters in WinAutomation SQL actions similar to the normal queries which we give directly in SQL. The only exception here is that when we pass on the value as a variable, the value is stored within "%%" two percentage values. So if we want to use a variable and % as a wildchar, then we must first escape the % wildchar with \.

 In this case the expression for LIKE or NOT LIKE will be \%%variable% or %variable%\%. Similarly you can call a variable for column name also, provided you have stored the column name in a variable beforehand. PFA screenshots for reference.

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