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A list of feature requests

After a couple of successful projects with ProcessRobot, we compiled this feature request list:

  1. Set max allowed running time PER ACTION
  2. Make concurrency to take into account process queue (if process already in queue, do not queue new one)
  3. To set process queue priority (if two are in queue, take the one with higher priority)
  4. To define max queued time for proces (if expires, send error)
  5. User library functions - enable text preview of which inputs are used (as is with default activities)
  6. Delay when using User libraries - there is a delay of about 5 seconds when using User libraries, depending on the network connection. The robot could maybe take all user library functions at the start so it doesn't have to communicate with the sever during each function call
  7. Add Concurrency settings on Pool level which overrides Robot concurrency
  8. Save configuration of filters in the Monitoring tab (it resets after each refresh)
  9. Add option to use two ProcessRobot servers with single license file
  10. Add option to hotswitch Robots and tools between multiple PR servers
  11. Add folders or some sort of sorting view/filter by Process usage for Global variables - it is now cluttered


Hello Davor,

Thank you for your suggestions.

Kindly note that we have forwarded them to the appropriate department for evaluation.

In the meantime, note the following regarding your suggestions:

3. and 4. you can use the Queues feature and set SLA, starting points and deadlines to your queue items. Also in Concurrency policy, you can set timeout for Queued Processes.

5. you can enable this option through the 'user action' parameters edit box as the 'Help Text' of each parameter.

6. the delay you mention refers to the time it takes to: 

  1. download the User Library dll from the ProcessRobot Server
  2. create the User Library dll from the SQL Server
This is done once for each committed version of UL and Robot
7. For certain cases, you can use the 'Locked Region' actions along with the Robot concurrency settings.
8. The configuration of filters does not reset with the 'refresh' button. Elaborate further.
9. You can use unlimited ProcessRobot servers as the current licensing file (2018) does not limit you to do so.
10. You can use a load balancer to achieve this.

Hi Emmanuel, thank you for the response.

3. - I was referring to process queue, not item queue.
4. - I made a mistake, I'd like a max execution time (e.g. if the process is running for more than 10 mins, kill it and report an error)
6. - If this was true, then the execution time would be the same for a UL function with same code as local function. It is not, I've tested this, maybe a bug?
8. - E.g. when I'm looking at the Monitor tab and use some filters, and then look at Logs. After I come back to the Monitor tab, the filters are reset
9. But this is not officially supported, and can be removed in the next version without a workaround? This is especially important when upgrading versions, enterprise clients want to test the new versions on another instance before upgrading the production server.
10. Yes, but you need licenses on all servers. I was talking about two server instances, for example, DEV and PROD. I might want 2 robots on DEV in the start of the project, and later on switch one of them to PROD.

Hey guys

Davor, I suggested your #5 a half year ago, so I'm sure they are working on it 

Here is the text and screenshot from back then:

My User Actions look super lame when I work in my preffered “Show Action Names Off” mode.
What about making it possible to add a custom workspace description inside the User Action?

It sounds to me like this is what you mean...

Emmanuel, please refer to ticket #43937


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