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Ability to limit access to a folder in Process Studio to a particular user

Currently, if you have 10 Process Studio users all 10 users can see processes in any folder under the My Processes folder.  There is a danger that a user could change someone else's process or view processes that they don't have a need to view.

I would like to request that it be possible to limit folder access for users.  A new folder could be created under the My Processes folder and then in the Settings tab, you could choose this folder as the only one that a user can access.  Administrators would still be able to see every folder in the My Processes folder.


Hello Karl, 

Kindly note that this feature is already implemented in ProcessRobot.

You can assign each aforementioned user a different Role from Control Desk > Settings > Users/Roles

Then from Control Desk > Processes, you can right click on each folder and click on 'Security'


You can apply different rules for each Role to deny or permit access and override the default permissions of folder access given to this Role.


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Thanks Emmanuel, but how are you able to do this in Control Desk > Processes?  In Processes, I see the Production and Review tabs, but only processes seem to be listed in them (no folders).  I can view folders using the Find option, but there is not a security option here. 


Hi Karl, kindly check this article which seems to be related with the issue you are confronting.

In case it is not related, consider opening a support ticket here and our team will assist you accordingly.

Have in mind that only users with an active SSMP (Software Support and Maintenance Plan) subscription are eligible for our support services. 

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Thanks Emmanuel, that article resolved the problem and I can see the folder list now.  


if we do not add roles in the security processes tab, the default setting is to allow access to all roles?

Thank you.


Hi Vaso,

If you do not configure the security tab, the default setting of each role applies.

If the role is allowed to access the folders, he will be able to access this folder.

If the role is not allowed to access the folders, he will not be able to access this folder.

The security tab configuration override the above default role configuration (which applies for all folders) and allows or denies access to the specific folder.

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