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Change SideBot licensing options in Process Studio's User Interface

There is sometimes a need to move Sidebot licenses between users. Often a need for one is not realized by a certain user.  Because of this, for all of our development computers we have checked the "Sidebot" checkbox during installation of the client tools.  Checking this checkbox, and including the Sidebot in all client tools installs, allows us to move the licenses around easily and quickly.  The downside to installing Sidebots on all client tools computers, however, is that the user is presented with this error message:

"Sidebot Terminated: This user is not allowed to connect to Process Robot. Please contact ProcessRobot administrator to solve this issue."

This error message should be replaced with some visible indicator in the UI that indicates whether or not the user has a Sidebot license available to them.  This would make life much easier for those that administer a Process Robot installation.  Thanks!


Hello Karl, regarding this issue, kindly note that when installing a Sidebot that you do not intend to use right away, you can remove it from Startup Processes so the user will not get any error message during startup.

In any other case, he will get this error every-time he logs in, as his user agent (sidebot) will try to connect to the ProcessRobot server without having the appropriate setup from the admin side. 

The admin should be in place to know which sidebots are set and how many licenses are consumed at any given time. What message would you find more helpful?

Thanks and one option would be to include an indicator (maybe a light bulb icon) in the Process Studio user interface.  When this indicator is visibly turn on (the light bulb is lit), a Sidebot license is assigned to the user.  When this indicator is turned off, a Sidebot license is not assigned to the current user. 

This would be less jarring for the user (versus displaying an error message) and would allow the administrators to more easily assign Sidebot licenses. 


Kindly note that the ProcessStudio and the Sidebot are not connected with each other even if they are installed in the same machine. They are treated as 2 independent Client Tools. The sidebot is set to start along with the user, and this is the reason of the pop-up, whereas the ProcessStudio is started manually by the user.

Additionally note that the ProcessStudio is a tool of the Developer user, whereas the Robot (sidebot or solobot) is the end-user tool, these two are by design not connected directly but only through the administrative tool (Control Desk)

By disabling the automatic startup of the Sidebot will resolve your mentioned pop-up issue. The user may re-enable it once the sidebot is set again by a PR admin.

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