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Process owner and developer

In Process Studio it would be smart to be able to write who requested the process (process owner) and who developed the process as well as being able to search in this.

This way when I get a request about a current process by a colleague, I would be able to easily find that process based on the colleagues name, and I would be able to see who developed the process in case I need help with it.

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Hello Martin, thank you for your feedback.

Kindly note that currently, since the requester of the Process is not necessary a ProcessRobot user, you can just create Process Folders based on your colleagues names in order to create the appropriate sorting, or just include the requester name in the name of the Process.

On the other hand, regarding the developers and administrators of the Process, each time a new version of the Process is committed or there is a change in the state of any version (review/production) it is logged including the name of the ProcessRobot user that made the change.

You can review the names of the users that committed versions through the History button in the Version Control pane, from Control Desk or Process Studio after you select a Process.

I hope the above prove to be helpful.


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