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Runtime Error Form Field with Selector input' not found

Hi All,

I am using v7 of Winautomation and having a problem, I have a fairly simple loop on an excel spreadsheet, which navigates to each person's page of the database and then updates one status field for each person where column AA of my spreadsheet has a 1.

I have recorded it and it works perfectly for the first row, however, when it goes to the second row in the spreadsheet, I get the Runtime Error Form Field with Selector input' not found. I can't quite understand why this could be as it works fine for the first relevant row.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this issue?




im also having the error below,Please kindly assist me on this Asap.

Runtime Error: 

Drop Down list with selector 'form[name="epmAssociateTimesheetForm"] select[name="epmCorpLevelActivitiesList[1].project"], html > body > table > tbody > tr:eq(0) > td > table:eq(1) > tbody > tr > td:eq(1) > form > table:eq(1) > tbody > tr:eq(1) > td > div > table > tbody > tr:eq(1) > td:eq(0) > select' not found.

The issue behind is that I want to fill the data on second row of webpage but its overwriting to the first row and also my second row is not coming when Im using web recorder.

Please let me know if any solution as im new to this.




Hello all,

WA is usually throwing an error on 'Run Excel Macro' for the following reasons:

1. The Macro was not loaded properly in 'Launch Excel' advanced tab

2. The Macro is not defined properly inside the action. Sometimes a path for the macro is required which could be missing

3. The Macro contains an error which is handled by the Excel application. WA cannot handle the same error and leads to action failure.

Hi, I have a similar error. I am on version 9.  I am attempting to "Run Excel Macro" within the process and I too get a Runtime error:  The macro runs fine in Excel without using WinAutomation, but when I Launch the Excel Instance and then run the macro, I get the error.  Any suggestions are much appreciated.




Hello Dawn Valentine,

Is there any specific reason you're using selectors with excel?

Like Henrik suggested, it'd be easier to use the Excel actions directly.

Probably makes more sense to use the Write to Excel Worksheet Action.

Any specific reason why you're using Selectors with Excel?

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